Alvin W. Lasher


T HE REVOLUTION IS HERE! It has come quietly, almost without a murmur of opposition or civil discord. Indeed, many who will be most profoundly affected by it were not-are not even now, perhaps-aware of its coming. But it is here, nevertheless. The revolution in question, of course, relates not to some massive proletarian uprising which many today profess to see upon the horizon, but to the revolution in Ohio procedural law which became effective on July 1, 1970. For a revolution indeed it is, bringing changes so sweeping in their nature that the procedural law, both statutory and judge-made, which was in effect in Ohio on June 30, 1970 is now largely of interest only to legal historians and other collectors of the relics of a bygone age (including those associated with the land title industry). The practicing attorney must immediately bring himself abreast of this radical turn of events, since the new Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure apply to all civil cases in process on July 1 as well as to those commenced on or after that date.