Kevin Brown


This essay is entitled Equal Protection Challenges to the Use of Racial Classifications to Promote Integrated Public Elementary and Secondary Student Enrollments. I delivered this essay as a speech in Akron, Ohio, at a conference titled “Education and the Constitution: Shaping Each Other and the Next Century” in March of 2000. The topic of this essay is particularly relevant for a conference with this title because it addresses one of the most significant issues in race and public education since the Supreme Court started America on the path of desegregation. Discussion of this topic in Akron, Ohio, is also particularly appropriate. It was the federal district court decision in the case of Equal Open Enrollment Association v. Board of Education of the Akron City School District that abruptly changed the deference granted to state and local education officials to use racial classifications to further integrated education. Thus, this is the place where a new trend in the law was born