Through a series of articles, the author has traced the development of lawyer discipline in Ohio since 1967, with special emphasis on the decade of the 1980's.

This article is intended as an evaluation of the progress in lawyer discipline in Ohio during that decade. The norms for evaluation are the standards for lawyer discipline established by the American Bar Association (ABA) substantively and procedurally. Substantively, the "law of lawyering" appears primarily (although not exclusively) through either the 1969 ABA Model Code of Professional Responsibility (CPR), or the 1983 ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and Responsibility (RPC). Procedurally, the model is the 1989 ABA Model Rules for Lawyer Disciplinary Enforcement (RLD) and the 1979 ABA Standards for Lawyer Disciplinary and Disability Proceedings (hereinafter "ABA Standards") that preceded the RLD during most of the decade.

This article will first complete the decade by commenting on disciplinary activity for 1989 and will then evaluate progress by reference to the aforesaid Models and Standards.