Psychology from the Margins

Psychology from the Margins: Volume 1 (2017)

Call for Papers

Calling for submissions to the inaugural issue of "Psychology from the Margins," a student-written, student-edited online journal (advised by Dr. David Baker and colleagues). Submissions are due July 31, 2017 for our first annual October issue. This is a great way to review and expose gaps in the historical narrative related to underrepresented groups and social justice.

Manuscripts should be between 10-20 single spaced pages long (not including references).

General examples of topics:

  • biographies of psychologists from underrepresented groups
  • contributions of marginalized psychologists
  • social justice and advocacy endeavors in psychology
  • analyses of the impact of historical and contextual oppression on the development of psychology
  • explorations of the work of underrepresented groups in shaping psychology