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Homogeneous shear, wall slip, and shear banding of entangled polymeric liquids in simple-shear rheometry: A roadmap of nonlinear rheology

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Spring 2011


The recent particle-tracking velocimetric (PTV) observations revealed that well-entangled polymer solutions and melts tend to either exhibit wall slip or assume an inhomogeneous state of deformation and flow during nonlinear rheological measurements in simple-shear rheometric setups. Many material parameters and external conditions have been explored since 2006, and a new phenomenological picture has emerged. In this Perspective, we not only point out the challenges to perform reliable rheometric measurements but also discuss the relation between wall slip and internal (bulk) cohesive breakdown and summarize all available findings in terms of a phase diagram. This map specifies the conditions under which shear homogeneity, interfacial slip, and bulk shear inhomogeneity would prevail. The paper is closed by enumerating a number of unresolved questions for future studies.



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