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Rheology and structure of precipitated silica and poly (dimethyl siloxane) system

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Fall 2004


The reinforcing capability of precipitated silica in poly(dimethyl siloxane: PDMS) was characterized by means of bound rubber formation, solvent swelling, yield stress, rheological and dynamic properties. Volume concentration of precipitated silica in PDMS was varied from 0 to 0.16. The homogeneity of the compounds after mixing was confirmed by studying a uniformity of dispersion of silica particles in PDMS via SEM morphology of vulcanizates. Bound rubber measurements of the compounds and solvent swelling studies of vulcanizates showed that the precipitated silica exhibited much stronger interaction with PDMS than that of typical carbon black with rubbers but less than that of fumed silica with PDMS. At high volume concentrations of silica (0.128 and 0.160), a yield behavior was evident from the storage modulus measurements. The network formation due to an interaction between the precipitated silica and PDMS was visualized via dynamic property measurements.



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