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Amplification effect of platelet type nanoparticles on the orientation behavior of injection molded nylon 6 composites

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The effect of platelet type nanoparticles and processing conditions; mold temperature and injection speed, on the development of local microstructure in injection molded nylon 6 parts was investigated. The molded parts exhibit two crystal forms (α and γ) of nylon 6 in varying proportions from skin to core. The γ crystals preferentially grow near the surface regions and α crystal fraction increases with distance from the surface in all molded parts. However, the spatial variation of crystal phases across the thickness in nanocomposites differs from that of unfilled nylon 6. Nanoplatelets induce high levels of orientation of the polymer matrix throughout the thickness of the molded part even at high mold temperatures where nonisothermal effects are highly suppressed and confined to very close proximity of surfaces. These high chain orientation levels observed in nanoparticle filled systems is a result of the shear amplification effect that occurs in small spaces between adjacent nanoparticles of differing velocity. The local preferential crystalline orientation of nylon 6 resin and nanoparticles across the thickness of the molded parts are investigated using a series of structure characterization techniques including microbeam wide angle X-ray, SAXS and TEM.

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