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Effect of Interfacial Weight Loss by Silver Migration on the Pullout Strength of Silver Wire Embedded in an Adhesive Matrix

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In this study an effort is made to correlate interfacial weight loss, by migration, from the surface of a silver wire embedded in an adhesive matrix, to bond strength between the silver wire and the adhesive matrix. Comparative studies are also performed using an aluminum an wire in place of silver to accurately assess the effect of interfacial weight loss by silver migration. The results of the pullout tests on silver migrated specimens are compared with pullout tests on silver-wire specimens, which were immersed in water for 2 h but without silver migration. Pullout tests are performed in both wet, and dry conditions of the bonded specimens. It is determined that the pullout strength of bonded silver-wire specimens in wet condition decreases by as much as 86%, subsequent to silver migration. The loss of bond strength for silver-migrated specimens tested in dry condition varies between 23% and 4%, depending on the embedded length used.

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Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology





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