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Ultrasonically Aided Extrusion of Blends of Two Thermotropic LCPs

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Fall 2010


Ultrasonically-aided extrusion of two thermotropic LCPs based on 6-oxy-2-naphthoyl and p-oxybenzoyl moieties (LCP1), and p-oxybenzoyl, terephthaloyl and hydroquinone moieties (LCP2) and their blends that are partially miscible was investigated. Ultrasonic treatment induced structural changes in the components, leading to improved mechanical properties of LCP1 moldings, and degradation of LCP2. Also, the ultrasonic treatment was found to further improve the partial miscibility of the blends. Although LCP1 and LCP2 behaved differently under ultrasonic treatment, synergistic effects on fibrillation and mechanical properties of blends were observed in injection moldings. Mechanical properties of melt spun fibers of blends lied between those of the components. Lack of synergism in mechanical properties of fibers was primarily attributed to saturation of LCP2 orientation at low draw down ratios in fiber spinning.



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