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Radial Tire Cord-Rubber Composites

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Experimental and theoretical results are presented in terms of the elements of the compliance matrix for the material properties which are needed to characterize a calendered ply of various cord-rubber composites commonly used in the body and belt of radial tires. It is shown that a single ply can be represented as a linear, elastic, homogeneous, orthotropic material to a level of accuracy sufficient for modeling inflated, but otherwise unloaded, radial tires. Cord load distributions in the body, belt, and turnup ply endings are predicted and plotted from the bead to the crown of inflated radial tires using principles of structural mechanics to represent the laminated material properties of the tire and finite element techniques to calculate the stresses in the cords. Predictions are also made for rubber strains and tire growth at the crown due to inflation pressure loading. The effects of changing various tire construction and/or material property parameters on such responses are assessed; these predictions are shown to be in reasonable agreement with experimental measurements.

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Rubber Chemistry and Technology





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