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Passive Control of Discrete-Frequency Tones Generated by Coupled Detuned Cascades

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Summer 7-17-2003


Discrete-frequency tones generated by rotor–stator interactions are of particular concern in the design of fans and compressors. Classical theory considers an isolated flat-plate cascade of identical uniformly spaced airfoils. The current analysis extends this tuned isolated cascade theory to consider coupled aerodynamically detuned cascades where aerodynamic detuning is accomplished by changing the chord of alternate rotor blades and stator vanes. In a coupled cascade analysis, the configuration of the rotor influences the downstream acoustic response of the stator, and the stator configuration influences the upstream acoustic response of the rotor. This coupled detuned cascade unsteady aerodynamic model is first applied to a baseline tuned stage. This baseline stage is then aerodynamically detuned by replacing alternate rotor blades and stator vanes with decreased chord airfoils. The nominal aerodynamically detuned stage configuration is then optimized, with the stage acoustic response decreased 13 dB upstream and 1 dB downstream at the design operating condition. A reduction in the acoustic response of the optimized aerodynamically detuned stage is then demonstrated over a range of operating conditions.

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Journal of Sound and Vibration





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