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Numerical Investigation of Temperature Field During Sintering of Bioceramic Nanoparticles by Pulse Lasers

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Traditional numerical study of the temperature field of laser thermal processing is based on two assumptions: 1. heat source is a surface heat flux, and 2. uniform material properties. This method is not accurate when it comes to the laser sintering of nanoparticle integrated bioceramics coating with certain porosity. In this paper, Heat transfer (HT) model and electromagnetic (EM) model is coupled to investigate the temperature field of bioceramics nanoparticles. The heat source calculated from EM field is simultaneously input into the HT model to calculate the temperature field of the nanoparticle assembly. The interaction between the nanoparticles in the EM field is analyzed and its influence to the optical penetration depth of laser is discussed. The effects of laser parameter, including wavelength, pulse energy, pulse width, and mixing ratio of nanoparticles are also investigated.

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ASME 2008 International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference



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