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Mechanism of Fatigue Performance Enhancement in a Superhard Nanoparticles Integrated Nanocomposites by a Hybrid Manufacturing Technique

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A hybrid manufacturing process, which contains Laser Sintering (LS) and Laser shock peening (LSP), is introduced to generate iron-TiN nanoparticle nanocomposites. It is a two-step process including LS followed with LSP. Before LS, TiN nanoparticles mixed with iron powders are coated on samples surface. After LS, TiN nanoparticles are embedded into iron matrix to strengthen materials. Then LSP is performed to introduce work hardening and compressive residual stress. The existed nanoparticles increase the dislocation density and also help to pin the dislocation movement. Better residual stress stability under thermal annealing can be obtained by better dislocation movement stabilization, which is beneficial for fatigue performance.

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ASME 2013 International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference collocated with the 41st North American Manufacturing Research Conference


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