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Adhesion Energy of Electrospun PVDF

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Shaft loaded blaster test (SLBT) is utilized to characterize the adhesion energy of electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane with rigid substrate in this paper. PVDF membrane prepared by electrospinning exhibits a uniform fiber morphology. At the membrane surface, the fiber diameter is 333 ± 59 nm and fiber density is roughly around 77%. When electrospun PVDF membrane is tested in SLBT, it shows full linear elastic response at the beginning. With the increase of central deflection up to 2 mm, the electrospun PVDF membrane exhibits obviously yielding. A clear yield point is observed in the debonding response curves. By analysis the elastic response of electrospun PVDF membrane, adhesion energy between the membrane and rigid substrate is calculated. The average adhesion energy is 210.1 ± 27.7 mJ/m2.

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Procedia Materials Science



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