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Cyclic Plastic Strain Response and Fracture Behavior of 2009 Aluminum Alloy Metal-Matrix Composite

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Spring 4-2005


In this paper the influence of discontinuous ceramic particulate reinforcements on cyclic stress response, cyclic stress versus strain response, cyclic strain resistance, deformation and fracture behavior of 2009 aluminum alloy discontinuously reinforced with silicon carbide particulates are presented and discussed. The cyclic strain amplitude–controlled fatigue properties and fracture characteristics of the 2009/SiC composite specimens are discussed for a range of cyclic strain amplitudes and at two different temperatures. The conjoint influence of test temperature and strain amplitude on cyclic stress response, cyclic stress versus strain response, and cyclic strain resistance is highlighted. The intrinsic mechanisms governing stress response, cyclic deformation and fatigue fracture characteristics are presented and discussed in light of the competing and mutually interactive influences of intrinsic composite microstructural effects, deformation characteristics of the composite constituents, cyclic strain amplitude and concomitant response stress, cyclic ductility, and test temperature.

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International Journal of Fatigue





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