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Four-legged intelligent Mobile Autonomous Robot

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This paper presents the design and development of a four-legged mobile robot with intelligent sensing and decision-making capabilities. Multiple sensors with embedded knowledge bases and learning capabilities are used in a novel approach towards environmental perception and reaction. These sensors continuously monitor the environment as well as their own operating parameters. Priority is given to any one or a group of sensors based on prevailing environmental conditions. Intelligent sensing is shown to be the key towards a high degree of autonomy for a mobile robot. Nicknamed Flimar, this robot has the ability to function at varying degrees of intelligence made possible by an object-oriented architecture with embedded intelligence at various levels. This architecture is shown to be conducive towards incremental learning. Each of the four legs has three degrees of freedom, i.e. Flimar has a total of 12 motors on its four legs. Flimar can walk and turn without dragging or skidding, and also turns about its center of gravity with a zero radius. Flimar responds to light, sound and touch in different ways, based on prevailing environmental conditions. The overall goal of the paper is to present a novel walking principle and control architecture for a walking robot.





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