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Design of Microstereolithography System Based on Dynamic Image Projection for Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Microstructures

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Winter 12-2006


As demands for complex microstructures with high aspect ratios have increased, the existing methods, MEMS and LIGA, have had difficulties coping with the number of masks and fabricable heights. A microstereolithography technology can meet these demands because it has no need of masks and is capable of fabricating high aspect ratio microstructures. In this technology, 3D part is fabricated by stacking layers, 2D sections, which are sliced from STL file, and the Dynamic Image Projection process enables the resin surface to be cured by a dynamic image generated with DMD™ (Digital Micromirror Device) and one irradiation. In this paper, we address optical design process for implementing this microstereolithography system that takes the light path based on DMD operation and image-formation on the resin surface using an optical design program into consideration. To verify the performance of this implemented microstereolithography system, complex 3D microstructures with high aspect ratios were fabricated.

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Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology





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