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Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications, A. S. Edelstein and R. C. Cammarata, Editors

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Book Review

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Fall 9-2012


The editors of this bound volume are of the firm opinion that nanomaterials have recently become an active research field in the areas spanning solid state physics, chemistry and including engineering. They attribute the evidence of this enhanced interest to the growing number of conferences, symposia and research papers devoted to this subject area. The editors are of the belief that this has occurred due to several reasons. The first reason arising from the need to fabricate new materials on an even finer scale in an attempt to continue to either enable or facilitate a direct decrease cost of the material while concurrently increasing the speed of information transmission and storage. The second reason being that nanomaterials display novel and often enhanced properties when compared one-on-one to the traditional counterparts. Consequently, this did open up possibilities for new technological applications.

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Materials and Manufacturing Processes





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