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Dynamic Pulse Buckling of Composite Shells Subjected to External Blast

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Summer 6-2010


Dynamic pulse buckling of woven E-Glass/Vinyl Ester and laminated E-Glass/Epoxy cylindrical shells subjected to uniform overpressure and asymmetric pressure pulse (side-on explosion) were examined. The solutions for the radial shell deformations were represented by Mathieu differential equations. The dynamic instability of the shells was determined from a Mathieu stability diagram. It was found that the stability of the shells depended on lay-up, aspect ratio as well as impulse distribution. The stable vibration response of the shells with side-on explosion compared well with finite element solutions using a Dynamic, Implicit analysis in ABAQUS Standard. First-ply failure of the woven E-Glass/Vinyl Ester shell with side-on explosion was predicted using a modified Hashin–Rotem failure criterion. It was shown that the thinner woven E-Glass/Vinyl Ester shells were more likely to fail by dynamic instability, whereas the thicker woven E-Glass/Vinyl Ester shells were more likely to fail by first-ply failure.

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Composite Structures





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