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Direct-Write/Cure Conductive Polymer Nanocomposites for 3D Structural Electronics

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Fall 10-2013


The use of direct-write (DW) in the fabrication of conductive structures offers dramatic benefits over traditional technologies in terms of low-cost, print-on-demand conformal manufacturing. This DW process can be combined with direct-cure (DC) process as one-step manufacturing of conducting elements, whereas conventional methods need a manufacturing process of conducting elements followed by a relatively long time post-curing/baking process. A hybrid technology combined with direct-write/cure (DWC) and projection microstereolithography (PμSL) is presented in this work. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were dispersed in a photopolymer solution to introduce conductivity. The developed PμSL was used to create 3D structures, and DWC of conductive photopolymers with CNTs was utilized to produce conductive paths. To show the capabilities of the developed system and materials, a 3D structure with embedded conductive paths was designed and fabricated. Based on the experiments, it is thought that the suggested manufacturing process and materials are promising to produce 3D structural electronics.

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Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology





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