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Coupling of Laser with Plasma Arc to Facilitate Hybrid Welding of Metallic Materials: A Review

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Winter 2-2013


Hybrid laser arc welding combines the advantages of laser welding and arc welding. Ever since its origination in the late 1970s, this technique has gained gradual attention and progressive use due to a combination of high welding speed, better formation of weld bead, gap tolerance, and increased penetration coupled with less distortion. In hybrid laser arc welding, one of the reasons for the observed improvement is an interaction or coupling effect between the plasma arc, laser beam, droplet transfer, and the weld pool. Few researchers have made an attempt to study different aspects of the process to facilitate a better understanding. It is difficult to get a thorough understanding of the process if only certain information in a certain field is provided. In this article, an attempt to analyze the coupling effect of the process was carried out based on a careful review of the research work that has been done which provides useful information from a different prospective.

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Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance





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