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Understanding the Mechanical Response of Built-Up Welded Beams Made from Commercially Pure Titanium and a Titanium Alloy

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Winter 1-10-2014


During the last two decades, titanium has gradually grown in stature, strength and significance to take on the recognition of being a modern and high performance metal that is noticeably stronger and concurrently lighter than the most widely chosen and used steels in a spectrum of industrial applications. Technological innovations have necessitated reduction of part weight, cost and lead time, including concurrent enhancement of performance of structural parts and components made using titanium and its alloys. This has provided the impetus to develop economically viable structural design methodologies and specifications, while at the same time bringing forth innovative and economically affordable manufacturing and fabricating techniques with the primary purpose of both producing and promoting the use of cost-effective titanium structures. The experimental results of a recent study on built-up welded beams are presented in this paper with the primary objective of enabling design, facilitating fabrication, and implementation of large structural members for potential applications in the structural and defense-industry.

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Materials Science and Engineering: A





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