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Does Stronger Links with Practice Make Perfect? A Survey of Advertising Scholars

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Fall 2009


The relationship between academia and practice, particularly to do with knowledge production through academic research, has long been an issue of much debate. While the extant literature has provided conceptual discussions and numerous surveys of practitioner opinions, there have been few empirical assessments of academics’ perspectives. Thus, we conducted a survey of 843 advertising scholars regarding their opinions about and perceptions of various aspects of the academia–industry relationship, such as research collaboration, research orientation and dissemination of knowledge. Overall, respondents were in favour of building closer ties with the industry to produce better research and strengthen the academy, with some variation by criteria, such as education level and extent of professional experience. In addition, major conceptual dimensions in this academia–industry interface were identified. Stemming from the majority opinions revealed in the study, 11 suggestions are provided regarding how the relationship between industry and the academy can be strengthened.

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International Journal of Advertising: The Review of Marketing Communications





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