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Non-Student Consumer Attitudes towards Product Placement: Implications for Public Policy and Advertisers

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Fall 2009


Over the years, the practice of placing branded products within films has gained popularity worldwide. Concomitantly with its popularity have come increasing concerns over its effects on public well-being among various groups. By surveying a U.S. sample of 3,340 non-students, the current study provides a more accurate picture of attitudes towards product placement in films. Findings suggest that non-students are more neutral towards the practice than students, and that consumers are positively disposed towards product placement, value the realism that placement brings, and do not perceive the practice as unethical or misleading. Results also indicate a diverse pattern of differences in perception across demographic groups, little perceived need for governmental regulation of product placement and that the only situation for which consumers would desire regulation is for the placement of ethically charged products having a significant proportion of non-adult audience members. Implications for advertisers and policy-makers are discussed.

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International Journal of Advertising: The Review of Marketing Communications





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