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Directional Cyclostationary Feature Detectors using 2-D IIR RF Spiral-Antenna Beam Digital Filters

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Summer 5-2014


Cognitive radio relies on accurate spectrum sensing for increasing the spectral efficiency of wireless networks. A novel array processing scheme is proposed based on a uniform linear array (ULA) of circularly-polarized spiral antennas having frequency range 2-6 GHz, which is used in conjunction with digital beam filters having 2-D IIR transfer functions for accurately and efficiently placing radio sources in wireless environment. Algorithms such as cyclostationary feature extraction is employed at beamformer to measure energy and realize feature/modulation detection, which in turn allows classification of a wireless environment. Simulation examples are provided for demonstrating the low-complexity directional feature detector with applications towards enhancing access to radio spectrum. Examples showing classification of sources by direction, frequency channels and modulation type in the 2-4 GHz band at SNR=6 dB are given.

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IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems



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