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Inverse Calculation of Elastic Moduli in Cross-Anisotropic and Layered Pavements by System Identification Method

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Summer 7-17-2015


Material properties of cross-anisotropic (or transversely isotropic) elastic and layered systems including pavement structures are essential for the analysis of mechanical responses. Besides laboratory determination of these material properties, direct inversion using in situ input data is fundamental and more useful. In this paper, the system identification (SID) method with constraints is proposed to invert the elastic moduli in an anisotropic layered half space in general and in a layered pavement in particular. Since in the inverse calculation, the forward calculation is required, we have also presented briefly the forward calculation approach based on the cylindrical system of vector functions and the propagating matrix method. Our SID algorithm is then applied to three-layer and four-layer pavements with different numbers of cross-anisotropic layers, with the deflections at the surface of the layered pavement as inputs. Our numerical results demonstrate clearly that the proposed SID-based inverse method is accurate and efficient for a broad range of seed moduli.

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Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering





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