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Kinetics of the Living Polymerization of Isobutylene

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This paper briefly reviews present understanding of the kinetics of living isobutylene polymerizations, and discusses the effects of [I]0/[TiCl4]0 ratio, solvents and initiator type. It is shown that the reaction order with respect to [TiCl4] is closer to one at [I]0/[TiC14]0 ≥ 1, and closer to two at [I]0/[TiCl4]0 >> 1. Considerable kinetic differences were found between conditions using methylcyclohexane or hexane as the nonpolar component of the solvent mixture. The reason for this is not clear at this time. The type of initiator was also found to have an effect on the [TiCl]4 reaction order; this is proposed to be due to the complexation equilibrium between initiator and Lewis acid. This paper also presents a new fiberoptic mid-IR real-time monitoring system for more convenient kinetic investigations.

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Ionic Polymerizations and Related Processes



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