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Modeling the Loading Stage Coalescence Process in Fibrous Media

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Fall 2005


Coalescence filtration is a complex multiphase flow process. Most of our understanding of the process is based on empirical data. A number of models have been developed to predict coalescence filtration performance. Most of these models ignore the spatial variation of the saturation in the filter medium by the droplets. In this work, the coalescence process is conceptualized to proceed through four stages: start-up, loading, unsteady coalescence, and steady coalescence. Each stage builds upon the previous stage as the liquid drops collect and accumulate in the filter medium. In this paper, solutions to the one-dimensional start-up and loading stages are presented. The resulting model is a first-order hyperbolic type of equation for air concentration. This equation is solved by modifying a predictor-corrector scheme by Hariharan and Ping (SIAM J. Sci. Stat. Comput., 10, 488-514, 1989) to include functional coefficients. The model results show that the liquid saturation varies spatially within the filter medium.

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Journal of Porous Media





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