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Gravity Orientation and Woven Drainage Structures in Coalescing Filters

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Fall 11-2010


Coalescing filters are used to remove liquid aerosols from gas streams. The captured liquid typically drains from the filter by action of gravity. The saturation or hold-up of liquid in the filter constricts the gas flow, increases pressure drop, and increases the operating costs of the filter. Filter performance can be improved if the liquid saturation is reduced without reduction in capture efficiency. In this paper filter media are modified with drainage structures to reduce saturation and to reduce drag resistance. The media are tested in horizontal and vertical orientations to determine whether their orientation with gravity influences the performance. The experimental results show that with no-drainage-channels the media oriented with flow vertically downward operates the best whereas with drainage channels the horizontally oriented media had the best performance. The results also show embedded woven drainage channels at 45° downward angles have the overall best performance. These results are limited to glass microfiber media and woven polymer meshes as drainage channels. The results show significant improvements in filter performance and warrant a more extensive study.

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Separation and Purification Technology





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