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Under Water Adhesion Measurements Using the Jkr Technique

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Fall 2006


The JKR (Johnson–Kendall–Roberts) method of contact mechanics has been widely utilized for measuring adhesion properties between a deformable elastomeric lens and various materials. Such measurements are normally performed in air. We attempted to verify whether the JKR technique could be practical for evaluating adhesion properties under water. After modifying the common JKR apparatus to be suitable for underwater studies, two types of hydrophobic coating systems, silicone/silicone and silicone/silanized silicon wafer, were used. The work of adhesion (W A ) values obtained from loading measurements and under zero load were found to be slightly smaller than the values estimated using surface energies and contact angles of water formed on the surfaces of these coatings. One possible cause for the slightly smaller values could be contamination/alteration of the coating surface properties upon immersion in water. The results suggested that, with proper control of experimental conditions, the JKR technique could be extended to evaluate adhesion properties under water.





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