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Archaeological Excavations at Ziyaret Tepe, 2000 and 2001

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Fall 2010


This report presents the results from the fourth and fifth seasons of archaeological work at Ziyaret Tepe in the Diyarbakır Province of southeastern Turkey undertaken in July-August 2000 and July-September 2001. Ziyaret Tepe is a large, multi-period mounded site located on the south (right) bank of the Tigris River, just east of the modern town of Tepe and twenty kilometers west of the Tigris and Batman Rivers. The size and long occupational sequence at Ziyaret Tepe are indicative of its strategic location atop a broad, low terrace overlooking the wide Tigris floodplain. The principal periods of occupation of the site date from the early 2nd millennium BC to the mid-1st millennium BC. In particular, Ziyaret Tepe was an important urban center during the Middle and Late Assyrian periods when it achieved a maximum extent of thirty-two hectares.

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